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Information about a Signal user

This type can contain the following fields:

field type info
about String
address v1.JsonAddress
avatar String path to avatar on local disk
capabilities v1.Capabilities
color String color of the chat with this user
emoji String
expiration_time int
inbox_position Integer
mobilecoin_address String base64-encoded mobilecoin address. Note that this is not the traditional MobileCoin address encoding. Clients are responsible for converting between MobileCoin’s custom base58 on the user-facing side and base64 encoding on the signald side. If unset, null or an empty string, will empty the profile payment address
name String The user’s name from local contact names if available, or if not in contact list their Signal profile name
profile_name String The user’s Signal profile name
visible_badge_ids List of String currently unclear how these work, as they are not available in the production Signal apps